Firefighters' Association

The LCFA will continue to support the residents of our community that is our commitment to you “whatever the cause…whatever it takes - we’re proud to serve.”

Support for Department & Community

Some form of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department (LSFD) has served the surrounding community since as early as the 1860s. The LSFD receives a wide variety of support from the Loveland Community Firefighter Association (LCFA).

About the LCFA

The LCFA is a non-profit organization that works year-round to raise funds to help supplement the department and many other community services. Most of the members of the LCFA are also members of the fire department or their families. These individuals work diligently year-round at fundraisers to raise money to donate to the fire department and other causes around the community. The LCFA has always tried to give as much back to the community as possible that we serve.

Equipment Purchases & Donations

Over the past couple of decades, the LCFA has purchased a custom fire engine, ambulances, and one of the largest heavy rescue trucks in the country. The LCFA has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the purchase of safety equipment for the department. We continue to support the department to this day with donations to purchase safety equipment, apparatuses, and send our members to be trained at the highest levels.

In keeping with the department's mission of providing the most technologically advanced fire, EMS, and rescue service to the residents of Loveland and Symmes Township. The City’s 2002 ambulance was scheduled to be replaced in 2012, but could not be funded due to declining revenues in the fire and emergency medical service funds. The LCFA has agreed to reimburse the City for the annual debt service principle for a new ambulance. The LCFA cannot purchase the ambulance for the City, however, we can help with some funding until the City is able to assume the loan.

Jackson Street Market

LCFA, in collaboration with the City of Loveland Public Works Division, has begun improvements to the property we own located by the bike trail in the historic district. The LCFA has had a vision ever since we purchased the Brown Building to enhance the old Pennsylvania Railroad Cargo Platform into a space that could be used as a future venue for markets and special events.

That vision is finally coming true with the arrival of the Jackson Street Market. This new space will incorporate a street market theme that the firefighters hope the Loveland Farmer’s Market and others will like. Hopefully, the improvements to this space will attract more foot traffic to the bike trail and the historic district.

City Collaboration

This kind of collaboration between the City and the LCFA is good for the community. The LCFA and City of Loveland have worked collaboratively for years on parking lots for the historic district, providing space for the East Loveland Nature Preserve, a knothole team playing field, as well as the East Loveland salt dome located on the firefighter’s property on East Loveland Avenue.

Supporting the Community

The LCFA continues to support the community in other ventures. This past holiday season the LCFA continued its support of the LIFE Pantry by donating money to the Pantry in memory of one of their past volunteers (Bobbie Books).