Fleet Maintenance Division

The Fleet Maintenance Division maintains our fleet in-house by completing jobs such as:

  • Brake relining
  • Complete vehicle lubrication
  • Electrical wiring
  • General engine repairs and diagnosis
  • Oil changes
  • Repair needs

Tool Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is also responsible for maintaining all of our power tools, smoke ejectors, Hurst® tools, and cutting saws. This allows for a quicker turn-around time for equipment repairs as we do not have to wait on a repair facility to complete the work for us.

Skilled Employees

We have several employees, who over the years have been able to save our department time and money by performing both regular maintenance and preventative maintenance on a regular basis. The Fleet Maintenance Division does minor repairs and major rebuilds at our maintenance building (located at Station 60) along with providing fire and EMS coverage at the same time.  The Deputy Chief of Fleet Maintenance oversees the Maintenace of our Fleet and our Buildings.