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The LSFD offers different opportunities for citizens within the community to learn more about their fire department and to become involved in operational or non-operations tasks, they are:

1. The Citizen’s Fire Academy. Here participants will meet department personnel and receive hands-on training in different skills that include:

Self-contained breathing apparatus
Apparatus familiarization
Hose and ladder operations
Equipment and tool familiarization
Search and rescue


Loveland-Symmes Fire Department Citizens Fire Academy

The Loveland Symmes Fire Department is inviting community members to attend our third annual Citizens Fire Academy, starting Wednesday, April 9, 2014. The Academy offers citizens in the Loveland-Symmes community a fun opportunity to learn about their fire/EMS department. As participates, you will get a “behind the scenes” understanding of LSFD and learn how firefighters and paramedics do their jobs. Seven sessions will be held mostly on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to approximately 9 pm on a weekly basis ending in mid-May.

Participants have ranged in age from 19 to over 70 years old-and all have loved it! Some attend alone, and others do it with family members. “The training is a fun and easy way to see demonstrations and you can participate at your own comfort level,” says Lt Jim Hellyer, the coordinator. “Graduates of the citizens fire academy have often stated that they were surprised on how much of the academy training is hands-on.” Examples include: hose and ladder operations, emergency medical services, and the ability to see the vehicles up close. Everyone has a great time while learning about their Fire/EMS.

To find out more about the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department 2014 Citizens Fire Academy please contact Lt Jim Hellyer ASAP at jhellyer.safety-center.org. If you have filled out a form & have not heard from us please send Lt. Hellyer an email. We look forward to seeing you!

As an academy volunteer, you will get an introduction to the LSFD and learn how firefighters and medics do their jobs. Seven classes will be held in the evening from 7:00 pm to approximately 9:00 pm on a semi-monthly basis, ending in June. The training is a fun and easy way to see demonstrations and participate in hands-on training at your own comfort level.

After completion of the training and graduation, participants may continue being active with the fire department in areas that interest them as part of the fire department’s overall Fire Corps Volunteer Program.

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2. The LSFD Fire Academy Alumni Association. This is a group of graduates from the citizen’s fire academies who, after graduating from the academy, volunteered to help provides an avenue for the Fire Chief to stay connected with the residents of the community and to provide voluntary assistance in community services activities and/or administrative support in areas that interest them.

3. The LSFD Emergency Services Unit (ESU). This unit provides supplementing fire and emergency medical services (EMS) operations to the fire department. This is the most demanding volunteer program, both physically and in time commitment. Members are normally selected from the graduates of the Citizens Fire Academy or the LSFD Fire Academy Alumni Association.

LSFD Volunteer Emergency Services Unit (ESU). ESU members are hand selected volunteers that become an extension of the department’s fire and medical operations. Members are required to attend training twice a month and are expected to participate in certain department operations. The ESU is:

Established in 2005, the ESU provides supplemental operational assistance specifically in the area of fire, EMS, disaster and related emergency activities. Based on the Federal “Community Emergency Response Team”(C.E.R.T.) and Fire Corps concepts, LSFD has taken the program a step further. After appropriate training, duties include:

  • Once members receive a specific level of training, they are assigned to a duty crew at a firehouse and participating directly in emergency response activities (after additional training)
  • Assisting at fire and emergency calls
  • Performing traffic control at events and incidents
  • Helping with disaster support activities such as flood and wind storm response
  • Supporting community events
  • Are subject to “call out” to assist at specific emergency situations
  • Assisting in an administrative capacity 

ESU Members receive:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Federal Homeland Hero benefits
  • All training, equipment and uniforms
  • An opportunity to join the Firefighter’s Association
  • These members attend meetings once a quarter to receive instructions on topics like fire and safety demonstrations, guest speakers, and to discuss fire department related issues important to the community:
  • Assist in community events and help with additional support services within the fire department in areas that interest them
  • Meet with the Fire Chief in a social setting at least annually
  • Can move on to the ESU – fire and EMS operations section

For more information about the Fire Corps or associated organizations, go to the following links:

National Fire Corps Program: www.firecorp.org
Ohio Fire Corps: http://www.ohioresponds.gov/firecorps.stm
Tri-State Medical Reserve Corps: http://www.swoph.org/tmrc.htm

The Citizens Fire Academy is normally held in the spring of every year. If interested in the fire academy, or other volunteer opportunities, complete the form below:

Minimum requirement is that you must be at least 18 years old and priority goes to citizens who live in or around the Loveland Symmes community. It is preferred that volunteers go through the department’s Citizens Fire Academy before they join the Fire Corps program. However, exceptions can be made depending on the experience and training of the volunteers. The selection process to become a member of the ESU is more involved.

Click on the Interest Form to apply for the LSFD Citizens Fire Academy, Fire Corps and/or consideration for the ESU.


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