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Welcome to Loveland Symmes Fire Department

Your Loveland-Symmes Fire Department
   Your Loveland-Symmes Fire Department
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 
Get to know your community fire department. Your Loveland-Symmes Fire Department.

Loveland Fire & EMS Levy
During the January 14, 2014 Loveland City Council meeting, Council passed an ordinance to place on the May 6, 2014 ballot a 1.75 mil Fire and EMS Levy. The cost of the levy will be $61.25 (or $5.11 per month) per $100,000 of evaluation.
The funds will be used to maintain the current services.
The last levy in the city of Loveland was 8 years ago in 2006.

Senior Expo 2014
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 
Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Time: 10:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Place: Receptions, Loveland Madeira Rd.
Info - Demonstrations and informational booths from local vendors and groups specializing in the health and welfare of today’s mature adults. Lunch also served courtesy of the Loveland Symmes Fire Department.
Contact: Linda Keeley - 774–3016

LSFD Cookout at Mac Arthur Park
Saturday, April 12, 2014 
LSFD personnel visited the folks at Mac Arthur Park this past week and hosted a cookout!  District 1, M62, M63 and E63 were all in attendance, along with District Chief Gregory, Deputy Chief Wallace, FF Saum, and FF Dunn to help grill some delicious hot dogs and pass out chips and water to everyone.  Everyone in attendance had a blast, and all of the children were given their own fire hats and got a first-hand look at all of the fire units on scene.   Be sure to visit us at our next event where we will have the jump house out in front of Kroger's on Loveland-Madeira Rd from 1pm to 4pm!

Easter Egg Hunt at Home of the Brave Park!
Saturday, April 12, 2014 
Home of the Brave park was the place to be this afternoon! Symmes Township hosted their annual Easter Egg Hunt and who could ask have asked for better weather! Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny showed up and took pictures with everyone and treated all the kids with a hunt for candy filled eggs. The Township Administrator and Township Trustees were there along with the Symmes Township service department workers. Crews from station 61, 62, and 63 were there giving tours of their fire trucks and letting the little ones bounce around in the jump house. Be sure to check out photos in the 2014 Easter Egg Hunt album on our Facebook!

C-Shift Ventilation Training
Saturday, April 12, 2014 
Yesterday and today, the crews from C-Shift conducted vertical ventilation training on the simulator built by the members of LSFD. Vertical ventilation is the practice of cutting a hole in the roof over the seat of a fire to allow heat and smoke to exit the structure, by the most direct route, to allow the crews, on the hose line inside the structure, cooler temperatures and better visibility to put out the fire more efficiently. The size of the hole cut varies depending on the type of roof being cut.

Pub Ed At Symmes Elementary
T61 Crew on B-Shift today gave a safety talk to students at Symmes Elementary. Students discussed safety tips in a classroom setting then were able to go outside & take a look through T61. FF Reed suited up in full PPE & SCBA so the kids could see & hear what a firefighter looks like. The students were very polite & attentive while having a good time learning about safety.

Rescue Training at Station 61
Recsue training took place at station 61. Crews simulated how to properly stabilize a car using Rescue 61's Kodiak stabilization system. Rescue training is done at least 2 times a month to ensure that all crews stay fresh on these important skills.

Girl Scouts Tour Station 63
Local Girl Scouts visited Station 63 last week for a station tour. The troop was able to look through the apparatus & was able to see what goes on during a shift here at LSFD. The girls were able to get pictures in the driver’s seat of E63 & try on our PPE. The girls were well behaved & had nice time learning.

Fire Engine Pull
A team that consisted of members from Loveland Symmes, Mason & Cincinnati Fire Departments won the gold today in the Pike Fraternity fire truck pull the University of Cincinnati.  Thanks to all the members that participated, the joint team had best time in the pull competition. Special thanks to our brothers at Mason and Cincinnati that filled out the crew great day was had by all 

Lt. Adkins at FDIC
Loveland-Symmes Fire Department is proud to be sending Lt. Bill Adkins to FDIC in Indianapolis to teach his class on “Fire Ground Operations Using Nurse Tankers. “ Lt. Adkins is a training officer here at LSFD and will be sharing a wealth of knowledge with firemen from all over the country. Great work, and thanks for representing LSFD on a national scale.

Vehicle strikes a building
Sunday, March 30, 2014 21:00
Tower 61, Medic 62 and District 1 responded to a reported Auto Accident vehicle vs a building. District 1 arrived and reported a single vehicle into a medium size strip mall with damage to the store front with all occupants out of the building. Tower 61 arrived and secured the vehicle, assessed the damage to the structure. No injuries was reported and no structural damage was seen with damage mainly to 2 store front windows.

Monthly Shift Training - Cutting Tools
This past week members of the Loveland Symmes Fire Department convened at headquarters for training. The topic of the day was Cutting Tools. Crews reviewed proper operation and handling of different cutting tools, including chain saws, rotary saws, the exothermic and petrogen torches.

Station 61 Visits Sycamore Presbyterian Church
Station 61 visited the Sycamore Presbyterian Church today to give the preschool children a safety talk.  The crew went over smoke detectors, stop drop and roll, meeting places and home fire drills.  Passing on even the most basic knowledge is enough to save a life. Loveland-Symmes looks forward to more safety talks in the future.

Jump House
T61 & the LSFD jump house were over on Paul Meadows Dr for a birthday party today. T61 crew was available for the kids to look through the apparatus along with assisting with the jump house. If you are interested in having the LSFD jump house at your child’s birthday or neighborhood gathering you can look under programs in the static display section of LSFD.org.

Shriners Hospital Firefighter Awards
Captain Tom Benjamin was recently recognized by the Syrian Shriners on March 5th, 2014 for the assistance that he provided to Lt. Arlie “Pooh” Hill & his family during their stay at University Hospital. Captain Benjamin was nominated for the Leadership Award this is the second time he has been nominated for this award. Congratulations Captain Benjamin we’re all very proud of you!

NEFC Training at Scarlet Oaks
The Northeast Fire Collaborative gathered at Scarlet Oaks training tower to go over multiple company operations.  The Crews including Loveland-Symmes, Blue Ash, and Sharonville practiced advancing chared hose lines up multiple floors to a simulated fire.  The Collaborative trains together once a month to ensure that we are working on the same page as our neighbors.

Citizens Fire Academy 2014
Loveland-Symmes Fire Department Citizens Fire Academy
The Loveland Symmes Fire Department is inviting community members to attend our third annual Citizens Fire Academy, starting Wednesday, April 9, 2014. The Academy offers citizens in the Loveland-Symmes community a fun opportunity to learn about their fire/EMS department. As participates, you will get a “behind the scenes” understanding of LSFD and learn how firefighters and paramedics do their jobs. Seven sessions will be held mostly on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to approximately 9 pm on a weekly basis ending in mid-May.
Participants have ranged in age from 19 to over 70 years old-and all have loved it! Some attend alone, and others do it with family members. “The training is a fun and easy way to see demonstrations and you can participate at your own comfort level," says Lt Jim Hellyer, the coordinator.  "Graduates of the citizens fire academy have often stated that they were surprised on how much of the academy training is hands-on." Examples include: hose and ladder operations, emergency medical services, and the ability to see the vehicles up close.  Everyone has a great time while learning about their Fire/EMS.
To find out more about the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department 2014 Citizens Fire Academy please contact Lt Jim Hellyer ASAP at jhellyer.safety-center.org. If you have filled out a form & have not heard from us please send Lt. Hellyer an email. We look forward to seeing you!

Structure Fire On Johnston Ln.
On March 9th at 9:34 am LSFD responded to a reported structure fire on Johnston Ln. The Fire was called in by a neighbor who noticed smoke in the area. Engine 60 was first on the scene with smoke showing. Upon a 360 of the home crews reported  fire on the charlie side.  Crews proceeded to knock the bulk of the fire down from the exterior. After making an aggressive defensive kncokdown on the fire, crews made accsess from the bravo side to finish up the job. All crews operating on scene performed with complete professionalism and safety. Thanks to all the crews who came to help with the fire. District 1 Mark Rose had command of the scene. A special thanks to all companies involved. Engine 60, Engine 63, Quint 62, Tower 61, Chief 6004 (Chief goldfeder) had Alpha Command , Chief 6005 (Chief Books)  had Charlie command, Blue Ash Medic 13, Maderia-Indian Hill Engine 64, and Montgomery Quint 73. All went home safe and the situation was resolved.

RAT Training at Station 62
LSFD's A Shift reported to station 62 for RAT training.  Firefighters were taught proper ways to drag, carry and spin a down fireman.  The Loveland-Symmes Fire Dept. trains often on the correct, safest and most efficient way to rescue a down fireman. 

2014 Citizens Fire Academy
The Loveland Symmes Fire Department (LSFD) is inviting community members who would like to attend our third annual Citizens Fire Academy, starting April 9, 2014. The Citizens Fire Academy offers adult citizens in the Loveland/Symmes community the opportunity to learn about their fire department. As academy participates, you will get an introduction to the LSFD and learn how firefighters and paramedics do their jobs. Seven classes will be held mostly on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to approximately 9 pm on a weekly basis ending in mid-May.
Participants have ranged in age from 19 to over 70 years old-and all have loved it! Some attend alone, and others do it with their family members. “The training is a fun and easy way to see demonstrations and you can participate at your own comfort level," says Lieutenant Jim Hellyer, the academy coordinator. He goes on to say: "Graduates of the citizens fire academy have often stated that they were surprised on how much of the academy training is hands-on." Examples of the training include: hose and ladder operations, use of firefighting equipment, and the ability to see the vehicles and other equipment up close. All of the graduates report that they really enjoyed the training and have gotten a much better understanding of the level of training and dedication firefighters must have to do their jobs. 
Although it is not expected, after completion of the fire academy, graduates are given the opportunity to assist the department in a variety of nonoperational activities or to join the volunteer Emergency Services Unit (ESU), which augments the department in fire and EMS operations.
To find out more about the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department 2014 Citizens Fire Academy or to sign up for the academy, go to http://www.lsfd.org/ and click "Volunteer." We look forward to seeing you!

Brentmoor Dr Structure Fire
 On 3/4/14 LSFD & mutual aid units were dispatched around 8:45 in the morning for a reported fire in the area. Upon D1 arrival to the scene heavy fire & smoke was coming from the second floor & roof. The occupants had left about a half hour or so prior. Defensive operations with two ground monitors and two ladders pipes were set up. Thankfully there were no injuries, although one rather large dog was rescued to the delight of the homeowners. The firefighters & all departments did a phenomenal job. Thanks again to all mutual aid departments, ESU members & additional LSFD personnel that assisted.
Captain Benjamin was the Incident Commander, Deer Park/ Silverton Chief Camp had Accountability, LSFD Chief Blum had the Alpha Side, Goshen Twp Chief Peagram had the Charlie Side & LSFD Chief Goldfeder was the Safety Officer.
Mutual Aid Departments: Deerfield Twp, Goshen, Mason, Miami Twp, Hamilton Twp & Blue Ash

Andrew Alten State Wrestling Champ
Andrew Alten of Loveland High School becomes state champion of the 285 weight class. Great Job Andrew keep up the hard work, and way to make your city proud!

Air Consumption Drills
B-Shift completed its annual Air Consumption Drill today. This drill is performed annually to see how quickly each individual will consume a 4500 PSI bottle while continuously performing work in full PPE. The course consists of crawling through a tunnel, hitting a sledge hammer on a tire 15 times, crawling with a charged 2/12 inch hose line, carrying a roll of roofing paper on your shoulder for 40 feet, crawling to & climbing over an A-Frame ladder & finally flipping a tractor tire four times. This usually becomes a pretty heated competition to see who can complete the course with the most revolutions. Your times start when you enter the tunnel & the time stops when your low air alarm sounds. Nice job everyone for your hard work & competetive spirit.

FireFighter Billy Grove and FireFighter Tim Lackey were personally thanked by a thankful lady they assisted on an Emergency Medical Run recently.  She came to station 61 to express her personal thanks to the two firemen. A rewarding experience, good job men and keep up the good work.

Smoke Detectors & Home Safety Inspection
Sunday, February 23, 2014 
LSFD Goes Mutual Aid into Deerfield Twp for Condo Fire
Saturday, February 22, 2014 16:24
Today, Loveland-Symmes Fire Department's Tower 61 responded to a possible structure fire in Deerfield Township. Battalion 56 was first on scene and reported heavy smoke and visible flames coming from the second floor of an unfinished, two story multi-family structure, and immediately called for a second alarm. Ladder 57 arrived next, connected to a hydrant and placed their aerial ladder to the second floor window, pulled a hose line and began knocking down the fire. Engine 56 followed, securing another water source and pulling a hose line off of their truck. Engine 56 made entry into a neighboring, unfinished condo and began fighting the fire to contain it to just one unit. Tower 61 arrived, placed their ladder to the roof, and with the help of Quint 93, cut multiple ventilation holes in the roof to eliminate the build up of combustible gases in the attic space.  T61 and Q93 were then assigned  to knock down spot fires after the main body of fire was controlled . A quick attack by Deerfield's Ladder 57 and Engine 56 and a cooperative effort by crews from Mason, Sycamore, Loveland-Symmes, Hamilton Township, Sharonville, and Salem/Morrow Fire Departments prevented the fire from spreading into adjoining condos. Great job done by all.

Symmes Elementary Girl Scout Troop 43861 Visits Station 62
FF Myers and Symmes Elementary Girl Scout Troop 43861 on the front of Quint 62
   FF Myers and Symmes Elementary Girl
      Scout Troop 43861 on the front of Quint
Saturday, February 22, 2014 13:00
Today the firefighters at Station 62 had a few very special guests come and visit the firehouse and take a tour of the Safety Center.  The Girl Scout troop 43861 from Symmes Elementary paid a visit to the Safety Center and were taken around by the firefighters to see the North East Communications Center and the Fire/EMS apparatus inside Station 62.  The troop did a wonderful job of showing the firefighters what they knew about dialing 911, getting out of the house in an emergency situation, and what to do in times of emergencies, and the firefighters were very impressed with their knowledge.  District Chief Frye, FF Hawk, and FF Myers would like to say a special thanks to the Girl Scouts and their parents for stopping by, visitors are always welcome!

FF York to Compete in Scott Firefighter's Stair Climb on March 9th 2014
Saturday, February 22, 2014 
Loveland-Symmes firefighter Aaron York will be participating in the Scott Firefighter's Stair Climb in Seattle, Washington on March 9th, 2014.  All proceeds benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in their fight against blood cancers. If you are able to donate, please do so by going to the attached link. Donations can be made until March 31, 2014. FF York would like to thank everyone for their support.

Aaron York Scott Firefighter Stair Climb Donation Page
NEFC Ice Rescue Training
Today at Sharon Lake the NEFC fire departments including Mason, Sharonville, Blue Ash and Loveland - Symmes work on frozen Sharon Lake removing victims from the ice. simulating falling through the ice and the proper way to remove a person from the water.

Birthday Party At Station 62
Today LSFD had a couple special guests to celebrate their birthdays. Matthew & Libby celebrated their birthdays today at Station 62 with family & friends. Lt. Money gave our special guests a tour of the station & the kids had some hands on training with E62. Pizza was served along with cake & ice cream. The party was topped off with a ride in E62 with both of our distinguished guests. Happy Birthday Matthew & Libby & thanks for spending your special day with us at LSFD.

Valentines Day At The Lodge
Valentines Day is a big day here in Loveland Ohio, and the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department makes sure our residents know how much we love them. Our crews send Valentines Day cards out, attend events throughout their districts, and hand deliver carnations to many of our residents. Firefighter Scott Reed and Lt. Bill Adkins were part of a crew that visited the Lodge of Montgomery to deliver flowers.

King Vision Training
LSFD crews were training with the King Vision this past week. It is very difficult to intubate patients because everyone’s airway is so different. There is so much technique & positioning that is required to take control of a patient’s airway. The King Vision allows crews the vision to see exactly where our endotracheal tube is going when every second counts.

Early Morning Car Fire
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 02:20
D1, E60, E63 & Q62 responded in the early morning hours to a reported working car fire called in by the owner.  E60 was the first unit on the scene and reported a working car fire in the driveway of the residence with no exposures nearby.  E60 established command, and began to extinguish the flames in the offensive strategy with an 1 3/4" hand line.  D1 was next on scene and was transferred to the command position once E60 began to work on eliminating the hazard.  Q62 and E63 arrived next on scene and were requested into the scene to assist with equipment and scene lighting.  The flames were extinguished safely and the hazard was eliminated thanks to a quick and efficient attack on the fire, a job well done by all of the firefighters on scene.

LSFD Trains New Recruits
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 
Whether it be rain, sunshine, snow or sub-freezing temperatures, the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department trains to provide the best possible service to its residents. Today was day two, Engine Company Operations, of the week long recruit class, training new hires on the policies and standard operating procedures of LSFD. Day one included training over SCBAs (self contained breathing apparatus), radio communications and an air consumption drill.  These men will be working hard for the rest of the week in order to become ready for duty.

Two Car MVA On Montgomery Road
D1, R61, M62 & M63 responded to a two car MVA on Montgomery Rd. Both vehicles had heavy front end damage. One patient needed to be extricated from their vehicle. Two patients were transported to the hospital, R61 & D1 were on the scene for a short amount of time to secure & to clean up the scene.

NEFC Officers Boot Camp
The NEFC company officers participated in an Officers Bootcamp on February 3, 4, and 5. Chief Alan Brunacini retired Phoenix Fire Chief was the lead instructor for the 1st and 3rd day. Gordon Graham retired California State Police and risk analysis expert, was the lead instructor for the 2nd day. Chief Matt Tobia Battalion Chief for Anne Arundel Fire Department, was present all three days for firefighter safety concerns. Company officers participated in various case studies and was given advice from each of the instructors. LSFD's Chief Huber assisted the instructors with our current NEFC policies.

School Bus Hits Building
Tuesday, February 4, 2014 
A Loveland School Bus suffered some brake problems yesterday afternoon. Unable to stop, the bus ended up striking a cold storage unit at the rear of the school. Crews worked to shore the bus so that it could be checked, and eventually removed from the area.

Snow and ice had to be removed to safely shore the bus.
   Snow and ice had to be removed to safely
      shore the bus.
Tomorrow’s Victory Is Todays Practice
Friday, January 31, 2014 
With the power to lift 74 tons, or roughly 163,100 lbs. the LSFD’s Vetter Air Bag system has the power to move the big stuff. But, when a life hangs in the balance as your moving loads like that, brute force isn’t enough. With eyes on the victim from all sides, the system operator must move whatever has the person trapped with surgical precision. This kind of precision doesn’t happen by accident, it comes from training. Chris Bradford once wrote, “Tomorrow’s victory is todays practice”. The men and women of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department practice their skills everyday. Today’s crew is training on the air bags, and will practice using the system to lift different kinds of loads. Everything has to remain level, never allowing the hockey puck to move. The crew repeats the task over, and over again, until each member feels like it’s second nature.

It's Not Safe To Be On The Ice!
Thursday, January 30, 2014 
Local 12 visited Loveland to discuss how safe it is to venture out on frozen lakes, and rivers. http://www.local12.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/frigid-weather-causes-ice-cover-ohio-river-7781.shtml#.UurtEH-9KSN

Heating Safety Tips
It's been a cold winter so far here in Loveland & Symmes Township. LSFD wanted to put out some information to keep you safe & warm. Please take a moment & click on the link below. If there is anything you need assistance with & LSFD can help please let us know. Stay safe & keep warm.

NFPA Heating Safety Tips
A Shift RIT Training at Station 62
               A Shift met at station 62 for RIT training. R I T meaning Rapid Intervention Team. A shift was shown the proper radio traffic to use in these emergency situations, also proper techniques of approaching a down fireman, lastly the best ways possible to get that Firefighter that is in danger out of harms way.

CHCA Public Education
Today the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy came to station 61 for a station tour. The Students were shown the fire trucks along with the living quarters of the station. Loveland - Symmes thanks and welcomes all guest into our home.

Electrical Fire 102 Karl Brown Way
Monday, January 6, 2014 
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department responded to 102 Karl Brown Way yesterday for smoke in the building in very cold temperatures. Upon arrival Engine 63 quickly reported smoke on the second floor of a large Multi Family Building with businesses along the first floor. Occupants were evacuated and taking to a nearby business to keep them in a warm environment. The detail was quickly upgraded to fill the box alarm, responding was 6001, 6003, District 1, Engine 60, Engine 63, Tower 61, Tower 13, Tower 52, Engine 18, Engine 27, Medic 62 and Medic 76. The hazard was quickly mitigated, as a high power line coming in from the electrical pole was causing arcing and fire in the main electrical panel box. After checking for extension and ventilating the structure units were released.

LSFD Honored By Loveland Chamber Of Commerce
LSFD was chosen as "Large Business of the Year" by the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce. We were presented a plaque at the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce banquet. LSFD was also honored by the Ohio State Senate for the services we provide to the community. We are very humbled to be chosen for these awards. Thank you to all involved.

Structure Fire In The City Of Mason
On 12/11/13, T61 was dispatched into the City of Mason-around 04:30 in the morning for fire in a large lightweight wood truss dwelling located on Carriage Drive.

A 2nd alarm was called by IC (Batt 51 Mark Gerano) due to fire conditions and weather - fairly heavy snow at the time of the alarm.

All occupants were out, several pets did not survive.

Initial companies stretched (E58/E51) a 2.5 and hit the main body of fire from the Alpha side. Once the fire was darkened down, companies were ok to enter and they held it with water (2.5" and 1-3/4") TIC's, tools and plenty of manpower. Tower 61 was assigned interior.

Much of the property was saved for the homeowners, crews started salvage quickly-during fire ops. No FF injuries, 1 civilian had minor burns & everyone got out prior to our  fire crews arrival.

Companies on the run included Mason, Deerfield, Loveland-Symmes, South Lebanon, Turtlecreek, Liberty, West Chester, Lebanon, and Sycamore.

Command/Acct: B51
Command Aide: C60-03
Alpha: C60-04
Bravo: B56
Div. 1: C58
Liaison to Family: C51

Loveland Tigers Victory Parade
Yesterday the victory parade held for the Loveland High School Football team took place in downtown Loveland. The parade began at the VFW Hall & traveled up W. Loveland Ave to Rich Rd & ended at LHS. The football team, cheerleaders & coaches rode on LSFD apparatus through out the parade. A ceremony was held after the parade at Tiger Stadium. Congrats again to the LHS Football Team on their 1st State Championship!

LHS Football State Champs
Last week LSFD set up our ladders once again to send off the Loveland High School Football team to the State Championships against Cleveland Glenville in Canton. The very snowy game took place at Canton Fawcett Stadium. The final score was 41-23 but the game was pretty much locked up after the first half. Congratulations to the Loveland Tigers on their 1st State Championship!

2 Car MVA With Entrapment
Friday, December 13, 2013 15:28
District 1, Rescue 61, Engine 60, Medic 61 and Medic 62 were dispatched for a 2-car Auto Accident with confirmed entrapment, one patient currently stuck in their vehicle and unconscious.  Chiefs 60-01, 60-04, and 60-05 all responded with the dispatched companies, and Chief 60-01 arrived on scene with Montgomery Engine 73 and Medic 73.  Chief Huber (60-01) established Montgomery Rd Command with heavy damage to both vehicles, one vehicle off the roadway and the other still in the roadway.  Rescue 61 and Engine 73 brought their extrication tools to the vehicle with the entrapped patient and began working on safely removing the unconscious patient with Medic 61's Paramedics performing EMS care.  Medic 62 was providing care to the driver of the second vehicle and transported that patient with minor injuries.  The entrapped patient was safely removed from the vehicle within minutes thanks to the effort of the hard working crews, and the patient was transported to the hospital with critical injuries.

Operation Santa
Santa Claus was out tonight with LSFD visiting with families in Symmes Twp. Santa & LSFD were out collecting toys for charity. The benefactor for tonight’s event will be Toys For Tots, so these gifts will benefit local families. It was a bit rainy but Santa had a great time with the good boys & girls this evening. Thank you to everyone for their generous donations.

Structure Fire In Mason
Tuesday, December 3, 2013 
On November 27th Tower 61 was called into the City of Mason for a Structure fire on Calumet Circle. Mason crews were first on the scene taking an offensive stratagey and going interior on the fire with an 1 & 3/4" hand line from the engine. Fire was quickly knocked down, everybody stayed safe.  Job well done by all.

Withers Lane Structure Fire

Structure Fire 11-19-13 0150 hours from Loveland-Symmes Fire on Vimeo.

   Withers Lane Fire
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 01:49
Fire crews were dispatched to a reported structure fire at 9168 Withers Lane last week.  The 911 call was placed by a neighbor who was looking out her window for what sounded like an alarm going off and reported that their neighbor's house was engulfed in flames.  Engine 60 and District 1 were first on the scene, District Chief Jon Frye established command and confirmed a working structure fire.  The two story home was fully involved upon arrival and the occupants of the home were confirmed to be out of town at the time.  Due to the spread of the fire, crews made a decision to initiate a defensive fire attack immediately.  Engine 60, District 1, Quint 62, Tower 61, Montgomery Quint 73, Mason Tower 52, Madeira-Indian Hill Engine 64, and Blue Ash Medic 13 all responded to the scene with District Chief Jon Frye in command.  A strong initial attack was made with large diameter hose and handlines on the fire by Engine 60 on the Alpha side and Quint 62 on the Charlie side.  Tower 61 and Quint 73 arrived on scene shortly after the initial attack and set up their master streams to attack the fire from above.  The fire was eventually knocked down and extinguished by the hard-working crews on scene and the home was monitored for spot-fires and rekindling material.  All crews did an incredible job from top to bottom and everyone went home safely.  A special thanks to all Mutual-Aid companies and a job well done!

Birthday Party
LSFD had another special guest this past weekend. The birthday boy along with his friends & family were at St. 62 for the festivities. The group received a tour of the station & were able to look through T61. The kids then enjoyed some pizza, cake & ice cream. Our special guest then took a ride on E60. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, we enjoy sharing our day with the community.

Single Vehicle Rollover on W I-275
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 06:58
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department was dispatched early this morning for a single vehicle rollover accident with the driver of the vehicle possibly still trapped inside.  Passers-by called in the accident and were unsure whether the driver had exited the vehicle or not.  The driver was entering the highway in the westbound direction and lost control when the vehicle began to fish-tail out of control.  The vehicle rolled onto its top and then collided with a light pole off the roadway, and caused the light pole to fall on top of the vehicle.  District 1, Engine 60, Rescue 61, Medic 62 and Medic 63 were dispatched to the scene around 06:58, District 1 was the first unit on the scene and established command with a confirmed entrapment.  Engine 60 arrived on scene shortly after District 1 and began to stabilize the vehicle and extricate the patient.  Medic 62, Medic 63 and Rescue 61 arrived on scene to assist Engine 60 with extrication of the patient, and formulated a plan to remove the patient safely and efficiently.  The vehicle was stabilized using the Kodiak Rescue Jacks from Rescue 61 and the patient was found to be conscious and alert with only minor injuries at the time of extrication.  The patient was freed of his seat belt, extricated safely, and transported to the hospital with minor injuries.  Rescue 61's crew set up and operated the crane to safely remove the light pole from the vehicle.  The crews on scene did a wonderful job of stabilizing the vehicle and extricating the patient in a safe and effective manner, a job well done by all!

B-Shift Training
B-Shift trained on the stokes basket this past shift with the Tower. Crews discussed different scenarios where the stokes basket would be needed & some hurdles they may encounter. Crews also practiced proper securing techniques as well.

St. Columban Reading Program
Loveland-Symmes Fire Department hosted its annual Blazing the Trail to Literacy reading competition again this year at St. Columban Elementary School. Grades 1 through 3 compete in a reading competition between the classes in their particular grade. The winning kids in each grade will receive a pizza party for their class & they will receive a ride in a fire engine to school. Loveland-Symmes Fire Department always enjoys taking part in the reading program. Congrats on this years winners!

Vehicle Fire at Sycamore Presbyterian Church
Thursday, November 7, 2013 07:59
District 1, Engine 60, City of Mason Tower 52 and Engine 62 were dispatched Thursday morning to a reported vehicle on fire in the parking lot of Sycamore Presbyterian Church.  District 1 was first to arrive on scene, established Mason Road Command, and reported a working vehicle fire currently contained to the engine compartment with multiple vehicles exposed on both sides.  The City of Mason's Tower 52 was the first company on scene and advanced a bumper hand-line to the vehicle and began to extinguish the fire.  Engine 62 was the next company on scene and assisted Tower 52 in gaining access to the engine compartment of the vehicle.  A triangular cut was made in the hood of the vehicle to gain access to the engine compartment and the fire was extinguished in a matter of minutes.  A quick response and an efficient attack on the fire made for a successful operation and prevented this incident from being much worse than it could have been.  Great job by all involved and thanks to Tower 52!

Engine 62 and Tower 52 advancing the hand-line to the fire
   Engine 62 and Tower 52 advancing the
      hand-line to the fire
Firefighter Hawk cutting the hood to access the engine compartment
   Firefighter Hawk cutting the hood to
      access the engine compartment
Firefighters Complete Aerial Tower Operator Training
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 
You may have seen our Loveland-Symmes Ladder Trucks out and about over the past few days as our own Lieutenant Adkins organized and taught an Aerial Tower Operator's (ATO) course to four of our Loveland-Symmes firefighters.  An ATO is an important member of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department who is trained to operate our Tower 61 with a 100' Aerial ladder and bucket, and also Quint 62  with a 75' "straight-stick" ladder.  Firefighters Nick Stiens, Joe Christie, John Myers, and William Grove were instructed by Lieutenant Adkins on various types of advanced aerial operations and tactical apparatus use and placement.  The firefighters were drilled in different fireground scenarios and were forced to demonstrate competency in all aspects of aerial tower operations.  These men worked very hard to further their training and better serve their community by completing the ATO course .  Great job men!

Firefighter Nick Stiens uses Quint 62 to ladder a roof
   Firefighter Nick Stiens uses Quint 62 to
      ladder a roof
Firefighter William Grove operates Tower 61 with a handline and the master-stream flowing water
   Firefighter William Grove operates Tower
      61 with a handline and the master-stream
      flowing water
T61 Out In The Community
T61 was out pre-planning their district this past shift & was approached by a young lady & her kids wondering if they could look through T61. The crew was happy to take some time to show their truck to the family. If you ever see us out & want to see the truck or even stop by the station please do so. We enjoy spending time with the community in which we serve.

Training In Deerfield Twp
LSFD along with Mason & Deerfield Township Fire Departments gathered last week for training in Deerfield Twp. Crews trained on extended hose lays & apparatus familiarization. Evolutions were performed in a hotel & consisted of taking flying standpipes up stairwells & through common areas to flow water at hard to reach areas. Ladders were also deployed for rescue operations. It’s imperative that we continue to train to keep our skills sharpened in the event of an emergency in commercial structures.

LSFD At Loveland Primary School
Last week Lt. Steve Money taught fire safety at Loveland Primary School with a smoke house borrowed from Blue Ash Fire Department. Students were brought into the smoke house & discussed fire safety tips such as home evacuation plans, stop drop & roll & how to properly crawl out of a smoked filled house. Some of the students were even able to try on some turn out gear. To conclude the class the kids were able to look through E63. Thanks to al of the students that came through the class, they were very enthusiastic & ready to learn & a special thank you to Blue Ash Fire Department for allowing LSFD to borrow their smoke house.

Smoke Detector Blitz
The members of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Depatment will be hitting the streets to remind the citizens of the community to change the batteries in their smoke detectors.  If a resident does not have a smoke detector or batteries for their detectors, they will be provided by the members of LSFD. Just another example of the lengths the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department will go to keep the members of its community safe. 

A Shift Tower 61 Training
A shift met at station 62 on Monday October 21st to train on Tower 61. The crews rotated going through bucket operations, and familiarization with all important aspects of the bucket in order to ensure proper operation and efficiency.

Know Ohio's Open Burn Laws
Sunday, October 20, 2013 
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department would like to remind our community that it is against the law to have an open burn on your property.  We would like for you to read the attached pamphlet by the State of Ohio on their regulations.  The City of Loveland and Symmes Township only allows small "Warming Fires" in approved fire pits.  These can be purchased from a retail store or built at home but must be attended at all times and at least 25 feet from any structure and or combustible material.

Ohio Burn
MVA at Lebanon Rd & Loveland Madeira Rd
Chief 6001, D1, M62 & E63 were dispatched for an MVA at the intersection of Loveland Madeira Rd & Lebanon Rd. Upon arrival of D1 & M62 no vehicle was initially found only tire marks in the grass heading into the woods on the Lebanon Rd side of the intersection. The vehicle had driven through the tree line & into a 20 foot drop into the creek. The driver self extricated himself from the vehicle & walked away from the accident.  The driver refused treatment & all units went available.

NFFF Memorial Weekend 2013
Four members of the LSFD Honor Guard travelled to Emittsburg, Maryland to participate in the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Memorial Weekend.  This annual event honors the lives of firefighters that have been killed in the line of duty.  This year, 73 firefighters from 2012 and 8 from previous years, were honored at the memorial service.


Capt Tom Benjamin, honor guard commander, participated in laying of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers along with about 200 honor guard members from all across the country.  They marched in formation through the cemetery to the Tomb, to watch as survivors placed the wreath.


After that, Captain Benjamin was assigned to the Memorial Production Team and worked with the honor guard units on timelines for the various events of the weekend.  A big task as this is a televised event, containing many parts and consisting of thousands of attendees.  This year was especially challenging with the government shutdown forcing plans to be changed.


Lt. Chris Ellis, FF Bruce Hawk and ESU Member John Wolfert also attended the weekend and participated in many events.  They, along with hundreds of other honor guard members, participated in an intense practice session.  This fine tunes the movements and gets everyone on the same page.  These three members also met and escorted the Nation Honor Flag as it landed at Reagan Airport.  More information about the flag and it’s amazing journey, can be found at;  http://www.ushonorflag.org/index.html


During the actual memorial service on Sunday, Lt Ellis, FF Hawk & ESU Wolfert all were flag presenters.  This is one of the paramount assignments of the weekend.  Every survivor is given a flag that has been flown above the US Capitol building as well as the Fallen Firefighters Memorial.  These flags are expertly folded by fire service honor guards and then are assigned to a presenter on Sunday.  As each name of the fallen firefighters is called, that flag is presented by an honor guard member to a fire chief, who presents it to the family. 


The members of the honor guard look forward to attending this memorial in order to pay tribute to those that have died doing what we do.  It’s also our time to show the surviving family members that they are not alone, nor will they ever be.  The fire service family will never forget their sacrifice.

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Lt. Chris Ellis, FF Bruce Hawk & ESU Member John Wolfert
   Lt. Chris Ellis, FF Bruce Hawk & ESU
      Member John Wolfert
FF Bruce Hawk
   FF Bruce Hawk
Lovelandfest 2013
This past weekend LSFD & New Baptist Church in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce held Lovelandfest. All types of family fun activities were held. LSFD held a costume parade for kids that followed the Loveland Bike Trail. Activities such as painting pumpkins & jumping in the LSFD jump house were set up.  E63 & M63 were on hand for display. Many booths were set up for local small businesses. Lovelandfest was a success & we would like to thank all of the friends & families that came out.

LSFD Charity Event For Susan G. Komen
This past thursday LSFD firefighters & their spouses were serving food & drinks at TGI Fridays on Fields Ertel to raise funds & awareness for breast cancer month. Firefighters were paired up with servers to take orders & serve food. While others worked the line in the kitchen prepping food & serving drinks behind the bar. Meanwhile our wives & girlfriends were out selling raffle tickets for prizes. TGI Fridays donated 20% of their sales to Susan G. Komen. It's not known how much money was raised yet but we will keep you posted. Also special thanks to Lt. Chris Ellis for organizing this event for the 3rd year in a row.

All About Kids Pub Ed
Station 61’s crew headed to All About Kids child care facility for a public education. The Crew talked about proper procedures for smoke inside a residence, hot doors, smoke detectors, stop drop and roll, dialing 911, also “get out and stay out.” Station 61 also spoke about practicing home fire drills on a regular basis with their family or guardians. The children were familiarized with the gear that firemen wear, and not to be alarmed or frightened by a fireman’s appearance. At the end of the session the children were shown the fire truck.

LSFD presents the CFAI plaque to City of Loveland Council
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department presented a Plaque to the Loveland City Council on October 8, 2013 in recognition of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department received accredited agency status with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International.  For more information click the link below for the news article.

LSFD Accreditation
Open House Symmes Safety Center
Monday, October 7, 2013 
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department hosted their annual Open House at the Symmes Safety Center on Monday October 7th, 2013.  We had a great turnout from our community members to see our fire department static display, station tours, tour the Hamilton County Sheriff's Bomb Squad unit and kids were able to Jump around in our jump house.

Happy Birthday Hunter
LSFD had a special guest celebrate his birthday today at Station 62. Hunter & his family toured the station & had some hands on training with T61. Pizza & cake was served for lunch followed by Hunter taking a ride on T61. Happy Birthday Hunter we hope you had a great day!

MCI Training
LSFD shifts have been training on our Mass Casualty Incident Unit. Crews trained on proper procedures for deploying the MCI trailer, removing the gator off of the ramp & power operations. This unit has a massive storage area for medical supplies & equipment in case of a catastrophic event taking place in our region. It’s imperative in the event this unit is placed in service that it’s operators know the locations of supplies & how to properly operate this vehicle.

Open Houses
LSFD will be holding a couple open houses for the public this upcoming week. Please bring the family by to tour the stations & look through the trucks.

Station 61 -  October 7th, 5:30-7:30

Station 63 - October 8th, 5:30-7:30

There will be refreshments available, stop on by, we look forward to seeing you this Monday & Tuesday.

Station 61 - 
8871 Weekly Ln,
Cincinnati, Oh 45249
   Station 61 - 8871 Weekly
      Ln, Cincinnati, Oh 45249
Station 63 - 
100 E. Loveland Ave,
Loveland, Oh 45140
   Station 63 - 100 E. Loveland
      Ave, Loveland, Oh 45140
LSFD presents the CFAI plaque to Symmes Township Trustees
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department presented a Plaque to the Symmes Township Trustees on October 1, 2013 in recognition of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department received accredited agency status with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International.  For more information click the link below for the news article.

LSFD Accreditation
LSFD raises money for Susan G. Koman
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department will be waiting tables on October 10th 2013 from 5:30-7:30 pm to raise money for Susan G. Koman for the cure at Friday's Restaurant located at 9141 Fields Ertel Rd. LSFD has held this event the past couple of years & is always a good time. Firefighters will be serving tables & slinging drinks. Raffle tickets will be sold for gifts as well. We hope to see you there.

Loveland-Symmes Fire Department receives international accreditation
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department has received accredited agency status with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International. Thank you to everyone who assisted in this process. Please take some time & click on the news link below.

Cincinnati.com LSFD Accreditation
Fall Hydrant Inspections
LSFD crews will be out inspecting hydrants before the cold weather hits. Crews inspect the hydrants to make sure that the caps are easy to remove & grease the threads. The main body of the hydrant is also checked to make sure there is no water sitting so they don't freeze up. Please be aware that crews will be right off of the road, proceed with caution.

New Recruits
LSFD has recently finished a new recruit class. Our 7 candidates went though a weeklong training program to familiarize themselves with LSFD protocols & equipment. They will be filling in rotations starting in October, although there training will not be done. The new recruits will still need to complete FTO packets along with drive time on our apparatus. Congratulations to all of the new recruits.

Jeffrey Conley
Todd Estep
Craig Niehaus
Kyle O'Keefe
Justin Principato
Steven Smith
Rebecca Wolter

Kitchen Fire
Tower 61, District 1, Engine 60, Engine 62, Engine 63, Tower 13, Rescue 57, Medic 73, Car 6003, Car 6005 and Car 1301 responded to 12125 Sycamore Terrace Dr for a possible structure fire. Upon arrival units found a kitchen fire on the 3rd floor of a multi family structure with the building evacuated, District Chief Frye had command. Tower 61 led by Lt. Ellis stretched a line to the third floor for fire suppression and to check for extension. Fire units were able to extinguish the fire and minimize damage with no extension into the attic.

9/11 Memorial
Yesterday LSFD & other local fire departments held a rememberance ceremony for those who lost there lives during the 9/11 attacks 12 years ago. The ceremony was held at the Loveland Firefighters Memorial in downtown Loveland next to the bike trail. LSFD Chaplain Hounshel opened & closed the ceremony while Deputy Chief Goldfeder spoke about that tragic day & how it has affected the fire service since. The honor guard lowered the flags to half staff & posted a wreath in front of a piece of steel from the World Trade Center. Thank You to everyone who attended yesterdays ceremony & may we never forget.

Loveland Magazine
Neigborhood Block Parties
LSFD has been busy the last couple of weeks visiting with neighbors & stopping by block parties. LSFD has purchased a jumphouse to set up for these kind of events. It has been a good opportunity for us to get to spend some time with the public we serve. Let us know if there is an event or anything we can do to make your event a little better.

R61 & M61 Respond Mutual Aid Into Deerfield Twp
Last week R61 & M61 were dispatched into Deerfield Twp for a 2 car MVA. There were 6 passengers total for both vehicles with no entrapments. Two patients were transported to the hospital, one by M61. R61 stayed onscene for a short amount of time to assist Deerfield Twp units.

Happy Birthday Will!
LSFD had another special guest with us last week Will Holekamp turned 5 & had his birthday party at Station 62. Will & his friends enjoyed jumping in the jump house along with a station tour & some hands on training with E62. The kids played games then had pizza for lunch followed by some cake. To top it off Will was given a ride in E63. Happy Birthday Will we hope you had a great day!

Donation To The Shriners Burn Hospital
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department presented a check for $5373.05 to the Shriners Burn Hospital at the Symmes Township meeting on August 6th, 2013. Representing the Shriners was Fred Robinson along with LSFD personnel Chief Huber, District Chief Frye, Lt. Eaddicicco and FF Bruce Hawk.

Loveland Youth Football Cooling Off
Lieutenant Ellis brought a Loveland-Symmes fire truck to Phillips Park to spray off the 2nd and 3rd grade football teams of the Loveland Youth Football league. All the boys enjoyed cooling off after practice!

Units Respond To Deer Ridge Apartments
LSFD & mutual aid units were dispatched for a possible structure fire at 2010 Loveland Madeira Rd, with smoke in the hallway. D1 was first on scene with nothing showing from alpha side and building was being evacuated, District Chief Frye had command. Once D1 did 360 and made entry, he found light smoke in basement area. The building was cleared/evacuated by fire units on scene. A burnt belt in a washing machine was found in the basement area, laundry room. The washing machine was taken apart and red tagged by fire personal and advised to have unit repaired by certified maintenance personnel. All units were released by command and went available. Thank you to all mutual aid units who responded, Q73, T13, R52, M27, 1301 & E88.

Ducks Rescued From Storm Drain
Rescue 61 was called to Krogers for 6 ducks trapped in storm drain. Rescue 61 crew lowered air monitor in hole, with no air problems found and removed ducks from drain and reunited them with their mother. Once animals were rescued, Rescue 61 returned to quarters available.

PFFD At Home Of The Brave Park
Last weekend Lt. Chris Ellis & T61 Crew had LSFD’s bounce house set up at Home Of The Brave Park in Symmes Twp. Representatives for Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency asked LSFD if we could bring out the bounce house & spend some time with the kids. The kids were able to bounce around & check out T61. Thanks to everyone that came out it was fun day had by all.

Lightning Strike At 9970 Union Creek Ln
LSFD & Mutual Aid crews were dispatched for a Structure Fire at 9970 Union Creek Ln. T61 was first onscene & found that there was a lightning strike to delta side of home about 6 feet down from peak of roof. District Chief Harold Gregory had command on the alpha side. There was charring on the siding that extended to the frame work in the attic. Crews positioned themselves in the attic and on the delta side for extinguishment. A tarp was placed on the delta side exterior to stop any further water damage from the weather. The interior was check with thermal imaging camera to make sure all fire was extinguished. Thank you to Mason, Deerfield Twp & Montgomery Fire Departments for their assistance.

Local 12
Structure Fire In Hamilton Twp
E63 was dispatched into Hamilton Twp for structure fire at 7428 Hamilton Ave. Upon arrival E63 was assigned to RIT on the Alpha side. E63 was then reassigned to do a secondary search on the first floor and basement. Once the utilities were secured E63 Crew exited the structure. E63 crew was reassigned to pull ceiling in the front living room on the alpha side & found fire in the attic, f ire was knocked down with a handline. Once the property was cleared units were onscene for a short amount for salvage & overhaul operations.

E63 Responds For a Structure Fire Into Hamilton Twp
E63 was dispatched for a structure fire into Hamilton Township. Upon arrival, intial instructions were for E63 to establish a water supply but were redirected, to take a secondary handline around to the Delta side as a back-up line to the interior crew. E63 were then given instructions to knock down the fire on the Delta side exterior once E76 water supply was established. E63 knocked down the exterior fire and removed siding and fascia boards for extension. Once the fire was extinguished crews were onscene for a short amount of time for salvage & overhaul operations.

Bathroom Fire In McCoy Park
LSFD & mutual units dispatched for a structure fire at 471 Oak St. Chief Huber was first onscene & advised light smoke showing from the restrooms at McCoy Park. All incoming mutual Aid companies were given a disregard. E63 pulled a handline to the restroom & extinguished the fire. Investigation found that the soap dispenser was set on fire; there was light smoke damage to building.

Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise
Participants from the City of Loveland, Loveland Police Department, City Public Works Department, Loveland-Symmes Fire Department and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office joined in a Active Shooter Table Top Exercise. This exercise offered an opportunity for key city and local public safety personnel to discuss the challenges that could be faced during an active shooter incident. The exercise was led by Special Agent Robert Warfel who is currently assigned to the Cincinnati office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Pool Safety
   Pool Safety
This is the first installment of LSFD Public Service Announcements. Check out our video on pool safety.

Fill The Boot For Shriners
On Saturday July 13, 2013 the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department held their first ever Fill the Boot Fundraiser. Eleven men from the LSFD gathered from 08:00 to 12:00 that morning to raise money for donations to Shriner's Hospitals for Children. The men stood at the corners of E. Kemper @ Loveland-Madeira and W. Loveland @ the Loveland Bike Trail and raised over $5,000 in a short 4 hours! Every penny will be donated to Shriner's Hospitals, and a check is to be presented at the Symmes Township Meeting on August 6th, 2013. The event was organized by FF John Myers, and a sincere "Thank You" goes out to the 10 other men who participated in the event: District Chief Jon Frye Lt. Steve Money Lt. John Eadicicco FF John Myers FF Bruce Hawk FF Adam Stigall FF Bill Grove FF Tim Lackey FF Brad Mckee FF Tyler Lambert FF Phillip Peiper

Fill The Boot Fundraiser
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department
“Fill The Boots For Shriners”
WHO: Your Loveland-Symmes Fire Department employees!
WHERE: Loveland-Symmes Firemen will be posted at the Intersection of E. Kemper Rd & Loveland Madeira Rd, and also on W. Loveland Ave @ the Loveland Bike Trail!
WHY: We are asking for you to help us “Fill Our Boots” in an effort to raise money for donation to Shriners Hospital of Cincinnati!
WHEN: Saturday July 13, 2013 from 08:00 - 12:00
Please join us in an effort to raise money for donation to a wonderful cause, and help spread awareness on the risks of Pediatric Burns and keeping our children safe!

Citizens Fire Academy Graduation
   LSFD Emergency Services Unit 2013 Citizens Fire Academy
The Citizens Fire Academy that was provided by LSFD & ESU had their graduation ceremony this week. The participants attended a 7 week course that allowed them to learn about the department that serves there community on an operations level. Participants received hands on training in different skills that included, hose & ladder operations, apparatus familiarization, self contained breathing apparatus, search & rescue & equipment & tool familiarization. This class was our second group through the CFA & is a fun & hard working group. Congratulations from everyone at LSFD on a job well done. Please take some time to watch the video listed below.

This past week LSFD had a pinning ceremony for the recent officer promotions & for the three new full time employees. Captain Jon Frye was promoted to District Chief, Chris Ellis, Bill Adkins & John Eadicicco was promoted to Lieutenant & Bill Grove, Nick Steins & John Meyers were promoted to full-time status. The ceremony was well attended by friends, family & fellow employees. Congratulations gentleman on your promotions.

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