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Welcome to Loveland Symmes Fire Department

Your Loveland-Symmes Fire Department
   Your Lovelan
Thursday, August 21, 2014 
Your Loveland-Symmes Fire Department Neighbors Helping Neighbors Since 1938

Station Tour
Yesterday Station 63 had some special guests stop by to see the station & apparatus. The kids loved checking out the equipment & the crews enjoy spending time with members of our community. If you are ever out and about & would like to stop in to one of our four stations just stop on by.

Structure Fire On McKinney Rd
LSFD crews & mutual aid units were dispatched for a alarm activation at 9347 McKinney Rd. Deputy Chief Books was first onscene reporting smoke inside the structure & upgraded the incident to a structure fire. T61 was next onscene & established a water supply & pulled a handline to the front door, once the 360 was complete T61 made entry into the home and found the kitchen stove on fire moving up the wall. District Chief Gregory came into the scene & took command, Deputy Chief Blum had the Alpha Side. T61 extinguished the fire & checked for extension, R57 pulled an additional handline to the front door & E73 secured the utilities. Once the scene was cleared & secured all units returned available. Thank you to all mutual aid units that responded.

MVA on Eastbound I-275 Exit Ramp
D1, R61, E63, M60, M62 were dispatched for a MVA on I-275 Eastbound around mile marker 52. M60 was first onscene reporting a single car MVA with the vehicle on its top & all occupants out of the vehicle on the exit ramp near Loveland Madeira Rd. Chief Huber showed up onscene & took command. There were no injuries to the occupants, M60 & E63 were onscene to take reports & too secure the vehicle, and all other units were disregarded.

LHS Homecoming 2014
This past Thursday LSFD crews assisted Loveland High School with their Homecoming celebration. A bonfire was set up & an engine crew was on premises to assist with keeping the fire confined & safety. A large crowd gathered at the High School for a pep rally to support the football team. The team went on to beat Withrow 41-6 at Friday night’s Homecoming game.

2014 Smoke Detector Blitz
Crews will be out in Loveland & Symmes Twp neighborhoods over the course of the next few weeks for our annual smoke detector blitz. With the time change coming up, make sure you replace your batteries & if you have had the same smoke detectors for 10 years or more they may need to be changed as well. If by chance we miss you and you are in need of these supplies please feel free to stop by at one of our stations & we'll be glad to assist you. Please remember smoke detectors save lives, take care of the equipment that takes care of you.

Symmes Concert in the Park Successful for Honor Flight Fund Raiser
Thursday, October 9, 2014 
The Symmes Township Trustees awarded a check for $5,597.00 to the Director of Honor Flight Tri-State. Cheryl Popp. On August 23rd Symmes Township and the Loveland-Symmes Firefighters Association organized the 1st Annual "Symmes Township Concert in the Park". This family friendly event featured The "Tom Daugherty Orchestra" who performed a tribute to the great Glenn Miller's USO show. A dance stage was set up in front of the orchestra's stage and kids from 2 to 92 showed off their swing dance moves. The Big Trouble Blues got the night started, along with different children's performers throughout the park. All the proceeds for the night went to Honor Flight Tri-State, a volunteer organization that flies veterans to see the monuments in Washington DC at no cost to them. You can learn more about this wonderful organization on their web site. http://honorflighttristate.org

Station 63 Open House
Last night Station 63 held an open house for the public. Roughly 30-40 people visited the station, including the Dobson family pictured in front of E63 below. The tour was briefly interrupted by a fire run but the families returned once E63 returned to quarters. There were a lot of great questions about our apparatus, equipment & quarters. Thank you to everyone who stopped by last night to visit us.

LSFD Open House - TONIGHT!
Wednesday, October 8, 2014 
Join us TONIGHT (October 8th) at Station 61 for our Open House!  Take a tour of the station, check out all of our equipment, and enjoy some light refreshments!  We'd love to see you, our Open House goes from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

8871 Weekly Ln Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

Swift Water Rescue Training
The past 2 days LSFD members participated in Swift Water Rescue Training. Grant Light from Cincinnati Fire Department instructed the training. The morning session of the training consisted of a lecture with crews going through different practical’s in the afternoon. Crews worked on their techniques with throw bags, assisting individuals back into the boat in deep water along with boat operations. Thanks again to Grant Light for providing this quality training to LSFD members.

MVA Into A Structure
M60, D1, Q62 & R61 were dispatched for a structure into a building yesterday. M60 was first onscene & reported that a vehicle had struck a single story residence & it appeared to have structural damage. Upon further investigation the owner of the vehicle accidentally left the car in neutral when they got out & the vehicle rolled down the hill with no occupants & struck the home. The home owner was not home during the incident, the scene was secured & the Hamilton County Building Inspector was dispatched to the property.

LSFD Units Assist in Deerfield Twp

D1, R61, M62 & Chief 6005 assisted with a 3 car MVA in Deerfield Twp yesterday. R61 assisted with extrication operations & M62 transported a patient to the hospital. Crews were onscene a short amount for clean up & clearing the scene.

T61 Vists The Primrose School

T61 swung by the Primrose School yesterday to visit the children. The students were able to look though T61 and the equipment.  We always enjoy visiting the children in our community.

LSFD & Mutual Aid Units Respond To Loveland High School

LSFD & Mutual Aid units responded yesterday to Loveland High School for odor & smoke in the building. All of the students were evacuated from the building. Crews secured all utilities in the building & Chief Huber had command. Crews found that the elevator had malfunctioned, once the scene was clear students & faculty were allowed back in the building. Thank you to all mutual aid units who responded.

LSFD Recruit Class

LSFD has a new recruit class preparing for enlistment. The recruits are currently training in a 40 hour training class. There are a total of 8 recruits & they will be joining our ranks in the next few weeks.

Vehicle Crash into House
Friday, September 26, 2014 15:05
Crews responded to a residence yesterday for the report of a vehicle into a house. District 1 was first on the scene and established command and reported a vehicle into the alpha side of the home. The driver of the vehicle stated that they were attempting to stop while pulling into the driveway when the brakes of the vehicle failed. The driver then crashed into the alpha side of the structure causing damage to the front door and front bay window. The driver was unharmed. Medic 62 assessed the driver while Rescue 61 and Engine 60 secured the structure with a "T-Shore" support built from 4x4's and wedges. The family was relocated and put in contact with the American Red Cross to wait while the home is repaired.

Structure Fire - 8850 Governor's Hill Dr
Friday, September 26, 2014 11:12
Crews responded to the address of 8850 Governor's Hill Dr for a reported structure fire. District 1 was first on the scene and established command on the alpha/bravo corner with smoke showing from the alpha side. Tower 61 and Engine 13 responded into the scene and prepared for an offensive attack with an 1 3/4" Hand line. Engine 13's crew assisted Tower 61 with interior fire attack, and Engine 13's Operator assisted Tower 61's Operator with water supply. Engine 60 hooked into a second hydrant in the parking lot and prepared for supplementary fire attack with Engine 63. Also responding were the cities of Mason, Blue Ash, Montgomery, Deerfield and others. West Chester Quint 73 was disregarded en route. Chief Books (6005) was assigned Alpha Command, with Chief 57 as Safety and Chief 1301 operating as Bravo Command. The fire started in the mulch bed on the Alpha/Bravo corner of the building and began to climb up the stucco of the building. The fire was knocked down and contained to the Alpha/Bravo corner with no extension found. It was a fantastic job by all companies involved.

Overturned Vehicle
B-Shift crews responded to a 2 car MVA yesterday morning on Timberlake Dr. Initial reports stated that there was a car overturned with an entrapment. Chief Blum was first onscene & had command; one occupant had to be extricated & the rest were out of their vehicles. R61 stabilized the vehicles & one patient was transported to the hospital. Crews were on the scene a short time for reports & cleanup.

NEFC Training
This week NEFC crews gathered at Scarlet Oaks in Sharonville for training over car fires. This included live fire training, strategies & safety protocols when addressing a car on fire. As always the collaborative training was well attended & great tips & advice were shared within the group.

Fall Hydrants
Crews will be out on the roadways checking hydrants over the course of the next month. Please use caution traveling around these crews for your safety & our own. Crews are adding lubricant to the threads & caps as well as making sure the hydrants are dry. If any of the hydrants are wet we will flush them, if you notice the area around your hydrants are wet make sure you turn on your faucets to see if you have brown water. If your water is brown just let your sink water run till it clears up.

Bone Marrow Drive
This past Friday Loveland Symmes Fire Department, Milford Community Fire Department & Jeff Wyler held a bone marrow drive on behalf of District Chief Jon Frye. The event was held at the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family Headquarters in Milford. Members from LSFD, MCFD & Chief Frye’s family were on hand to staff the event. Many firefighters from local fire departments came out to be tested to see if they were a match. By this collaborative effort well over a100 people were signed up & tested. Did you know that over 70% of people who need bone marrow transplants do not find a match? You can potentially save someone’s life. If you are between the ages of 18-44, and in good health, you can register to be a bone marrow match. It takes about 5-7 minutes of paperwork and a cheek swab to complete the process, it's that simple. You can get registered by clicking on the link listed below.

Be The Match
ESU Training - Roadway Safety
Last week, the volunteer members of the Loveland-Symmes FD Emergency Service Unit received training on roadway traffic management and traffic control. Crashes on Interstate highways, major roadways and local roads - all of which run throughout the City of Loveland and Symmes Township, create significant risk hazards for firefighters and paramedics-and those we are helping. This training is essential to help us protect those working on a scene, as well as those traveling on the roadways near related emergencies. This important training was provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff Traffic Safety Unit.

Rest In Peace George Rich
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of George Rich. George, a long time member of the Loveland Community Fire Department, passed away September 6, 2014. He was 85 years old. His daughters Sharon Redmond and Carol Magliano, and his son Doug Rich survive him. George has 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Our Brother George has found his final rest in place. Rest In Peace brother. Job Well Done!

Annual Pump Training
This past week Lt. Bill Adkins held his annual pump training class for LSFD employees. This class is a basic entry level class for employees that would like to become an engineer. The students were taught pump calculations in a classroom environment & then spent time on the pump panels practicing. Students went over different practicals & discussed pitfalls they may encounter as engineers. To conclude the class students needed to pass a 5 minute drill.

Structure Fire In Goshen Twp
E63 was dispatched to Oakdale Rd in Goshen Twp yesterday for a structure fire. Crews onscene reported heavy fire & smoke coming from the garage. E63 crew assisted with fire suppression & salvage operations. Chief Huber & Chief Blum were also onscene for assistance.

Grain Elevator Fire
T61 was dispatched to Evandale last Friday for a grain elevator explosion. The crew was onscene for an extensive amount of time assisting with fire suppression. Chief 6001, Chief 6003 & Chief 6004 were onscene for assistance as well. Check out the links below for additional information.

Fox 19 Grain Elevator Explosion

WCPO Grain Elevator Explosion
MVA Into Structure
Today D1, M63 & E62 were dispatched to an MVA into a structure at 200 Crutchfield Pl. A moving truck didn’t make the clearance at the bridge & wedged the vehicle under. There were no injuries, M63 took two refusals. The scene was then handed over to LPD.

Mutual Aid Into Miami Twp
Last week E63 & 6001 were dispatched into Miami Twp for a Structure Fire. E63 assisted with fire extinguishment & overhaul. It was found that the fire was started by a lightning strike.

C-Shift EMS Training
This past weekend crews from C-Shift had EMS Training at Station 62. Crews went over a power point on the LVAD device & discussed treatment options when encountering these type of patients. The shift also did some hands on training with our CPAP as well.

Rope Rescue Training
B-Shift crew currently assigned to Station 61 conducted rope rescue training today. The crew set up a lower and haul system and used multiple changes in direction to simulate difficult areas where a rescue may be needed.  

Blue Card Training
Saturday afternoon B-Shift met at Home of the Brave Park for training. The crew did a simulated Blue Card Training. Normally Blue Card Training is performed in front of a computer at our training center located at Station 62. This simulation provided a more hands on effect than visual & verbal, while the verbal communications were intact additionally apparatus were positioned appropriately, equipment was taken off of the truck & crews reported to the sectors of the building where they were given orders from the IC. Crews also discussed any pitfalls they may encounter & strategies.

T61 At Home Of The Brave Park
Yesterday Tower 61 stopped by Home of the Brave Park for a cook out with children that suffer from PFFD (Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency). The children were able to look through the tower & hang out with the crew from Station 61. The children had a great time seeing the fire equipment and pretending to drive the fire truck.

Shift Drill
Thursday, July 24, 2014 
This morning "A-shift" convened at Phillips Park in Loveland for shift drills. Today's drill consisted of aerial water operations with a relay from a pumper.

Tour At Station 62
Children from the organization T.A.I.L. toured the safety center today. The children were able to tour the LPD side & then came over & toured the LSFD side. FF Morton donned full PPE & SCBA so the kids could see what firefighters look like in full gear. Then they were able to look through M62 & Q62. The children were very well behaved & it was a pleasure having them stop by.

MVA On I-71
LSFD units were dispatched for an MVA on northbound I-71 this morning. Chief Blum arrived onscene first & reported a 5 car MVA with an entrapment. R61 arrived onscene & blocked the roadway for safety measures, & extricated one patient from their vehicle. E60 disabled vehicles & assisted in taking refusals. There were 3 patients transported to the hospital by M61, M62 & M63. Chief Huber, District Chief Gregory & Deputy Chief Books also assisted with operations on the scene.

Camp Dennison Grill Out
This past Thursday LSFD held a grill out at the Camp Dennison Methodist Church from 6:00 - 8:00. There was a a great turnout by the local residents. Kids were able to look through E63 & the jump house was set up for the children to play on as well. LSFD also handed out smoke detectors & batteries to the residents who needed them. It’s always nice for us to get together with the community.

Personnel in attendance - District Chief Gregory, Capt. Wallace, Lt. Hall, Lt Adkins & his wife Jessica, FF Postas, FF Steins, FF Hawk, FF Meyers, FF Callendar, FF Saum, FF Mason & FF Swafford

"A-Shift Drill"
Friday, July 18, 2014 
"A-Shift" mustered at Home of the Brave Park this morning for shift drill. The crews familiarized themselves with the different types of master stream devices that LSFD utilizes. In addition to that, crews went over the placement and types of newly installed rescue equipment in place on Tower 61.

Hose Deployment & Master Stream Training
Shifts have been busy this month training on deploying hand lines & master streams. These are scenario based trainings it’s more than removing hose from the truck & reloading it. These trainings are meant to keep you on your toes & to expect the unexpected. The goal is to deploy the hose lines in a fast & efficient matter meanwhile maneuvering any obstacles that may be thrown at you. At the end of the day the goal is to get water as fast as you can on the fire & these trainings help us with any obstacle we may face.

Grilling Out With LSFD
Thursday, July 17th from 6:00-8:00 LSFD will be grilling out at Camp Dennison Methodist Church. Please Bring the family out for a free dinner, hot dogs, chips & drinks will be provided. There will also be a fire truck for the kids to look through & a jump house for the kids to play in as well. Please come on out we look forward to seeing you there.
Camp Dennison Methodist Church
9976 Jackson St, Camp Dennison
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Vehicle Into A Structure
D1, Q62 & M63 were dispatched for an auto accident with a structure involved at 890 W Loveland Ave. Upon D1 arrival vehicle had been removed from the building, Q62 crew evacuated the structure while M63 crew evaluated the driver of the vehicle. The city building inspector was notified & once onscene he deemed the property safe. One family was displaced & the rest returned to their units.

Auto Accident
Sunday, July 13, 2014 
Earlier this afternoon E63, M62, and District 1 responded to a report of an auto collision at W. Loveland and S. Lebanon. Upon arrival D-1 updated the location in the 1500 block of W. Loveland Ave. Found was a 3 car MVA with damage to 2 of the vehicles. 1 patient was transported for evaluation. Crews assisted with traffic control until the vehicles were removed.

Auto Accident Person Trapped
Thursday, July 10, 2014 08:09
Engine 63, Rescue 61, Medic 63 and District 1 responded to a 2 car MVA with 1 driver pinned in the vehicle,  Rescue 61 crews used our Genesis Rescue Tools to extricate the pt, 2 patients were transported to local hospital.

Mutual Aid Into Deerfield Twp
T61 was requested mutual aid into Deerfield Twp to a possible structure fire.  While enroute, units were updated by the first arriving Deerfield Twp officer that the fire was in a motor home, in the rear of a private residence.  The motor home was fully involved, but thankfully everyone was out of the unit.  LSFD crews assisted with fire suppression as well as overhaul of the motor home.

Station 61 Tour
Station 61 had a tour today with some children from the Compass School. The children were able to look through the living quarters of the station & were able to get some hands on experience with T61 & R61. FF Callender & FF Chandler gave the children a little show to see who could get their gear on the fastest. The children were very well behaved & the crew at Station 61 were glad to have them stop by.

LSFD Adds T3 Patrollers to Fleet
Monday, July 7, 2014 
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department placed two new T3 Patroller vehicles into service that will revolutionize the way paramedics can navigate the bike trail and through the large crowds of public events in the City of Loveland and Symmes Township. The T3 Patroller electric standup vehicle (ESV) is a zero-gas-emission, clean-energy innovation that is simple, intuitive and economical to operate. They are extremely stable with a low center of gravity and their 9-inch platform gives the Paramedics the ability to see over the crowd, and increases their visibility. These versatile vehicles can access restricted spaces including elevators and narrow corridors, handles curbs easily and are highly agile with a zero-degree turning radius. The T3 Patrollers are high on reliability, low on maintenance and have an operating cost of around 10 cents per day. Unlike the Segway, you can dismount the vehicle and go right to work without taking the time to find something to lean them against. More than 4,000 T3 vehicles have been deployed in over 30 countries worldwide, including NYPD, Dallas, San Francisco and the Los Angeles Police Departments. Absolutely “ZERO” tax dollars where spent to add these versatile vehicles to the LSFD fleet. All of the approximately $17,000 needed to purchase them and place them in service was donated by the Loveland-Symmes Firefighters Association, a non-profit group of volunteers made up of current and past members of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department and their spouses.

Resident Assisted
Sunday, July 6, 2014 
This afternoon LSFD T61 crew assisted a resident on a customer service detail. The crew safely removed a kitten stuck 30' up in a tree.

Loveland's 4th of July Celebration A Huge Success
Friday, July 4, 2014 16:00
Happy Birthday America! The City of Loveland hosted a 4th of July block party Friday night in downtown historic Loveland accompanied by live music, various food vendors, and capped off the night with an amazing fireworks display. W. Loveland Ave was shut down from Karl Brown Way to 2nd St during the hours of 16:00 to Midnight to host the celebration. The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department was on hand at the celebration with off duty personnel manning their newly donated T-3 Motion Segway Scooters to provide on-site EMS at the event, and Station 63 was staffed with the additional help of Goshen EMS to provide back-up EMS services if needed. All-in-all the celebration was a huge success and a special thank you goes out to the Goshen FD and Loveland PD for their assistance, and LSFD's Deputy Chief Mike Books, Deputy Chief Andrew Knapp, and District Chief Harold Gregory. Also a thank you to FF's Ritchey, Swafford, and Rose for their assistance with staffing for the event.

FF Swafford
   FF Swafford
Lightning Strike On Symmes Ridge Lane
As storms rumbled through the tri-state area last evening, the Loveland Symmes Fire Department was called to a home on Symmes Ridge Lane for a report of smoke in the residence.
Tower 61 was the first unit on scene with an initial report of... smoke showing and fire visible from the eaves. They made a quick knock down from the exterior prior to entering and fully extinguishing the fire.
In addition to T61, crews on scene from LSFD were E62, E63, E60, 6001, 6004, 6005, 6009, as well as ESU62. LSFD was supported by IMAT Chiefs, Deerfield and Sycamore Twp FD's on the scene. Miami Twp provided assistance with area coverage during the incident.
No injuries were reported.

2014 OFE Graduates
The LSFD congratulates the following members on graduating from the 2-1/2 year long Ohio Fire Executive class; Deputy Chief Andrew Knapp, Deputy Chief Mike Books, District Chief Harold Gregory & District Chief Jon Frye.

Monthly Shift Training
Sunday, June 15, 2014 
Last week crews from each shift were evaluated on scenario based training. The training took place at Home of the Brave Park. Crews staged in Symmes Park & were dispatched into Home of the Brave Park where different scenarios were set up. Crews were evaluated on how efficiently they completed each task given. Different tasks given were apparatus positioning & set up, relay pumping, deploying deck guns or monitors & obtaining a water supply in a timely manner.

Broadway Basement Fire
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 15:00

Units were dispatched for a reported structure fire in a 2 story, wood frame residential dwelling.  E-63 and D-1 arrived on scene first.  D-1 did a scene size-up, established command and accountability for a working structure fire with smoke showing from the basement area, 1st floor Delta side.  Owner advised all occupants were out of the structure and accounted for.  E-63 began stretching a 1 3/4 attack line to the Charlie side walk out basement door for the basement fire and secured their own hydrant.  E63 used attack line from the exterior basement windows and door to knock down a small amount of fire.  As additional crews arrived on scene the first floors were searched by E60 with additional 1 3/4 attack lines.  Engine 27 searched the 2nd floor and attic with a 1 ¾.  E-62 crew met up with E-63 crew and made entry into the basement after the fire was knocked down, where they found moderate smoke with no active fire.  Crew hit remaining hot spots.  E-18 was positioned on deck at Charlie side with a 2 1/2 line off E-63.  E-60 & E27 searching first, second floors and attic reported all clear also both units opened up the floor and walls above the fire origin to confirm no extension. Fans were then placed at the walk out basement door and then at the front door for smoke removal.  On deck outside on the Alpha side was Engine 13 and Engine 72.  M-76 was positioned at fire scene then later moved to station 63 for area coverage.  All fire and hot spots were confirmed as out.  Units began breaking down lines, returned gear and equipment to trucks and returned available.

Public Education
Today was a busy day around Loveland for Public Educations. M63 & E63 were at the Loveland Primary School this morning to talk to the 4th graders about fire science for science day. M62 & E60 were at Nisbet Park to set up the bounce house & to set up a static display for the 2nd graders for field day. In the early afternoon E63 went to the Children’s Meeting House to cool the kids off with their deck gun on the engine. Needless to say it’s been a busy day; the kids learned good information & had fun doing it.

2014 Summer Interns
Taylor, Will & Zack
   Taylor, Will & Zack
LSFD would like to welcome its three new interns for the summer. The interns arrived last week & will be around till the middle of August. Each one will be given a special assignment to complete before the end of their tour here at LSFD. The interns will assist with making runs as well. We are very excited to have these guys on the team for the summer.
Taylor Chandler – Eastern Kentucky University
Zack Postas – Eastern Kentucky University
Will Callender – Oklahoma State University

2014 CFA Graduation
   2014 CFA Video
Tonight Loveland Symmes Fire Department held there 3rd Annual Citizens Fire Academy Graduation. There were a total of 23 participants in this year’s class the largest to date. The CFA takes place over the course of 7 weeks & the participants learn about everyday fire department operations. The graduates received a certificate of participation along with a LSFD Challenge Coin from Chief Huber for their completion of the academy. A group of ESU Members received their certificates for completing their 36 hour volunteer firefighter course as well. Congratulations to all of the graduates, we enjoyed your company the last 7 weeks.

LHS Senior Parade
LSFD units participated today in Loveland High Schools Senior Parade. Car 6001, Car 6005, T61, Q62 & M62 brought up the rear of the parade route that started on Loveland Madeira at Castle Skateland & ended at Loveland High School on Rich Rd. We wish the best of luck to this year’s LHS Class of 2014.

CHCA Visit At Station 61
1st graders from CHCA visited Station 61 last week for a tour. Captain Benjamin discussed fire safety tips with the children. FF/Medic Rick Dunn went through the apparatus & showed off the tools to the class. The kids had a lot of good questions & were very well behaved. Thanks again to CHCA for stopping by & the food.

Symmes Honors Veterans
Friday, May 23, 2014 
Symmes Township Honors local Veterans at the Home of the Brave Park, LSFD Honor Guard joined with the HCSO Color Guard in presenting the colors for this excellent event.

Annual Hose Testing
It's spring time and here at the Loveland Symmes Fire Department that means it's time for hose testing. The crews have been working for the last several days testing the hose on our apparatus to ensure that it is in good working order.

Spring Hydrants
Crews will be out in their districts over the course of the next couple of weeks servicing & inspecting hydrants. Please keep an eye open for them on the side of the road & moving about around their vehicles. If you notice a hydrant leaking or one that has been damaged please give us a call or if you notice that your water coming from your sink is brown just let it run for a few minutes & it will flush out your waterline.

Fire & EMS Levy
Thank you for your support in the passing of the Fire & EMS Levy. The support that we have received from the Loveland community has been tremendous. We look forward to serving our community in any way possible.

Symmesfest 2014
Symmesfest 2014 will take place June 13 – 14 at Symmes Park. If you are looking for something to do with the family and have never been to Symmesfest please come & enjoy the show. Each night there is a local band that plays, with plenty of food booths & games. Kids will definitely enjoy the rides & at the end of the night on Friday & Saturday a fireworks display caps off the evening. Listed below are the dates & times & if you are looking for both or general information please contact Linda Keeley @ 513-583-3001. See you there!
Symmes Park 11313 N. Lebanon Rd, Loveland, OH 45140
Friday, June 13th 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Final Order 7:00 PM
Saturday, June 14th 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
The Bellaires 7:00 PM
Ping Pong drop 6:00 PM

Symmes Safety Day
Sunday, May 18, 2014 
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department hosted their annual safety day at Hopewell Park, welcoming the Symmes Township Trustees, Symmes Township Service Department, Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, Duke Energy, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and many more to help this event become a success. 

Rescue 61 Extricates a Horse
Sunday, May 11, 2014 12:24

The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department responded to the parking lot of 12114 Mason Rd for a horse with his leg caught in the aluminum divider in a horse trailer.  District 1 and Rescue 61 responded, District Chief Frye took command, quickly after sizing up the incident and implementing some safety procedures for personnel, Rescue 61 used the battery operated vehicle extrication spreaders to spread the poles enough to relieve the foot within minutes from arriving on the scene.   The horse owner was able to arouse the horse shortly after extrication and get him to stand up.  We were able to assist the out of state owner contact the Little Miami Vet Clinic and Dr. Lavinia Hultgren.  Dr. Hultgren went to the vet clinic to meet the horse and his owner to assess the leg.  Dr. Hultgren called us later to advise us the horses leg was not broken, she was able to treat the horse and send them back home.  

Structure Fire At 205 Sioux Dr
LSFD & Mutual Aid units were dispatched to a possible structure fire at 205 Sioux Dr. Upon arrival District 1 found light smoke showing from a detached garage, District Chief Gregory had command. Investigation found an outdoor/brush fire on the delta side of the garage had started to catch the exterior of the garage on fire. E63 & T61 crew were able to quickly extinguish the fire with a hand line & performed overhaul. 

Fill The Boot
LSFD held a Fill The Boot event this past Saturday to benefit Cincinnati Childrens NICU. A total of $4,852.41 was raised for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Thanks to everyone who made a donation during our Fill the Boot drive.

Station 61 Tour
Last week Station 61 was busy with public education activities at the firehouse. A local Mothers Club & children from Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy enjoyed a few hours around Station 61. Capt Benjamin gave a safety talk, FF Dunn went over what a fireman wears and FF Reed went over the apparatus with the kids. Thanks to CHCA for dropping off food & we look forward to having everyone stop in again soon.

Live Burn Training
Thursday, April 17, 2014 
The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department and the Northeast Fire Collaborative trained in the Scarlet Oaks Burn tower last week for 3 evening burns. Each fire suppression crew entered the first floor, extinguishing the first floor fire and deploying to the second floor to extinguish a secondary fire. This is a bi annual live fire training alternating from day and night fires.

LSFD Cookout at Mac Arthur Park
Saturday, April 12, 2014 
LSFD personnel visited the folks at Mac Arthur Park this past week and hosted a cookout!  District 1, M62, M63 and E63 were all in attendance, along with District Chief Gregory, Deputy Chief Wallace, FF Saum, and FF Dunn to help grill some delicious hot dogs and pass out chips and water to everyone.  Everyone in attendance had a blast, and all of the children were given their own fire hats and got a first-hand look at all of the fire units on scene.   Be sure to visit us at our next event where we will have the jump house out in front of Kroger's on Loveland-Madeira Rd from 1pm to 4pm!

Easter Egg Hunt at Home of the Brave Park!
Saturday, April 12, 2014 
Home of the Brave park was the place to be this afternoon! Symmes Township hosted their annual Easter Egg Hunt and who could ask have asked for better weather! Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny showed up and took pictures with everyone and treated all the kids with a hunt for candy filled eggs. The Township Administrator and Township Trustees were there along with the Symmes Township service department workers. Crews from station 61, 62, and 63 were there giving tours of their fire trucks and letting the little ones bounce around in the jump house. Be sure to check out photos in the 2014 Easter Egg Hunt album on our Facebook!

C-Shift Ventilation Training
Saturday, April 12, 2014 
Yesterday and today, the crews from C-Shift conducted vertical ventilation training on the simulator built by the members of LSFD. Vertical ventilation is the practice of cutting a hole in the roof over the seat of a fire to allow heat and smoke to exit the structure, by the most direct route, to allow the crews, on the hose line inside the structure, cooler temperatures and better visibility to put out the fire more efficiently. The size of the hole cut varies depending on the type of roof being cut.

Pub Ed At Symmes Elementary
T61 Crew on B-Shift today gave a safety talk to students at Symmes Elementary. Students discussed safety tips in a classroom setting then were able to go outside & take a look through T61. FF Reed suited up in full PPE & SCBA so the kids could see & hear what a firefighter looks like. The students were very polite & attentive while having a good time learning about safety.

Rescue Training at Station 61
Recsue training took place at station 61. Crews simulated how to properly stabilize a car using Rescue 61's Kodiak stabilization system. Rescue training is done at least 2 times a month to ensure that all crews stay fresh on these important skills.

Girl Scouts Tour Station 63
Local Girl Scouts visited Station 63 last week for a station tour. The troop was able to look through the apparatus & was able to see what goes on during a shift here at LSFD. The girls were able to get pictures in the driver’s seat of E63 & try on our PPE. The girls were well behaved & had nice time learning.

Fire Engine Pull
A team that consisted of members from Loveland Symmes, Mason & Cincinnati Fire Departments won the gold today in the Pike Fraternity fire truck pull the University of Cincinnati.  Thanks to all the members that participated, the joint team had best time in the pull competition. Special thanks to our brothers at Mason and Cincinnati that filled out the crew great day was had by all 

Lt. Adkins at FDIC
Loveland-Symmes Fire Department is proud to be sending Lt. Bill Adkins to FDIC in Indianapolis to teach his class on “Fire Ground Operations Using Nurse Tankers. “ Lt. Adkins is a training officer here at LSFD and will be sharing a wealth of knowledge with firemen from all over the country. Great work, and thanks for representing LSFD on a national scale.

Vehicle strikes a building
Sunday, March 30, 2014 21:00
Tower 61, Medic 62 and District 1 responded to a reported Auto Accident vehicle vs a building. District 1 arrived and reported a single vehicle into a medium size strip mall with damage to the store front with all occupants out of the building. Tower 61 arrived and secured the vehicle, assessed the damage to the structure. No injuries was reported and no structural damage was seen with damage mainly to 2 store front windows.

Monthly Shift Training - Cutting Tools
This past week members of the Loveland Symmes Fire Department convened at headquarters for training. The topic of the day was Cutting Tools. Crews reviewed proper operation and handling of different cutting tools, including chain saws, rotary saws, the exothermic and petrogen torches.

Station 61 Visits Sycamore Presbyterian Church
Station 61 visited the Sycamore Presbyterian Church today to give the preschool children a safety talk.  The crew went over smoke detectors, stop drop and roll, meeting places and home fire drills.  Passing on even the most basic knowledge is enough to save a life. Loveland-Symmes looks forward to more safety talks in the future.

Jump House
T61 & the LSFD jump house were over on Paul Meadows Dr for a birthday party today. T61 crew was available for the kids to look through the apparatus along with assisting with the jump house. If you are interested in having the LSFD jump house at your child’s birthday or neighborhood gathering you can look under programs in the static display section of LSFD.org.

Shriners Hospital Firefighter Awards
Captain Tom Benjamin was recently recognized by the Syrian Shriners on March 5th, 2014 for the assistance that he provided to Lt. Arlie “Pooh” Hill & his family during their stay at University Hospital. Captain Benjamin was nominated for the Leadership Award this is the second time he has been nominated for this award. Congratulations Captain Benjamin we’re all very proud of you!

NEFC Training at Scarlet Oaks
The Northeast Fire Collaborative gathered at Scarlet Oaks training tower to go over multiple company operations.  The Crews including Loveland-Symmes, Blue Ash, and Sharonville practiced advancing chared hose lines up multiple floors to a simulated fire.  The Collaborative trains together once a month to ensure that we are working on the same page as our neighbors.

Your Loveland-Symmes Fire Department
   Your Loveland-Symmes Fire Department
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 
Get to know your community fire department. Your Loveland-Symmes Fire Department.

Citizens Fire Academy 2014
Loveland-Symmes Fire Department Citizens Fire Academy
The Loveland Symmes Fire Department is inviting community members to attend our third annual Citizens Fire Academy, starting Wednesday, April 9, 2014. The Academy offers citizens in the Loveland-Symmes community a fun opportunity to learn about their fire/EMS department. As participates, you will get a “behind the scenes” understanding of LSFD and learn how firefighters and paramedics do their jobs. Seven sessions will be held mostly on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to approximately 9 pm on a weekly basis ending in mid-May.
Participants have ranged in age from 19 to over 70 years old-and all have loved it! Some attend alone, and others do it with family members. “The training is a fun and easy way to see demonstrations and you can participate at your own comfort level," says Lt Jim Hellyer, the coordinator.  "Graduates of the citizens fire academy have often stated that they were surprised on how much of the academy training is hands-on." Examples include: hose and ladder operations, emergency medical services, and the ability to see the vehicles up close.  Everyone has a great time while learning about their Fire/EMS.
To find out more about the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department 2014 Citizens Fire Academy please contact Lt Jim Hellyer ASAP at jhellyer.safety-center.org. If you have filled out a form & have not heard from us please send Lt. Hellyer an email. We look forward to seeing you!

Structure Fire On Johnston Ln.
On March 9th at 9:34 am LSFD responded to a reported structure fire on Johnston Ln. The Fire was called in by a neighbor who noticed smoke in the area. Engine 60 was first on the scene with smoke showing. Upon a 360 of the home crews reported  fire on the charlie side.  Crews proceeded to knock the bulk of the fire down from the exterior. After making an aggressive defensive kncokdown on the fire, crews made accsess from the bravo side to finish up the job. All crews operating on scene performed with complete professionalism and safety. Thanks to all the crews who came to help with the fire. District 1 Mark Rose had command of the scene. A special thanks to all companies involved. Engine 60, Engine 63, Quint 62, Tower 61, Chief 6004 (Chief goldfeder) had Alpha Command , Chief 6005 (Chief Books)  had Charlie command, Blue Ash Medic 13, Maderia-Indian Hill Engine 64, and Montgomery Quint 73. All went home safe and the situation was resolved.

RAT Training at Station 62
LSFD's A Shift reported to station 62 for RAT training.  Firefighters were taught proper ways to drag, carry and spin a down fireman.  The Loveland-Symmes Fire Dept. trains often on the correct, safest and most efficient way to rescue a down fireman. 

2014 Citizens Fire Academy
The Loveland Symmes Fire Department (LSFD) is inviting community members who would like to attend our third annual Citizens Fire Academy, starting April 9, 2014. The Citizens Fire Academy offers adult citizens in the Loveland/Symmes community the opportunity to learn about their fire department. As academy participates, you will get an introduction to the LSFD and learn how firefighters and paramedics do their jobs. Seven classes will be held mostly on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to approximately 9 pm on a weekly basis ending in mid-May.
Participants have ranged in age from 19 to over 70 years old-and all have loved it! Some attend alone, and others do it with their family members. “The training is a fun and easy way to see demonstrations and you can participate at your own comfort level," says Lieutenant Jim Hellyer, the academy coordinator. He goes on to say: "Graduates of the citizens fire academy have often stated that they were surprised on how much of the academy training is hands-on." Examples of the training include: hose and ladder operations, use of firefighting equipment, and the ability to see the vehicles and other equipment up close. All of the graduates report that they really enjoyed the training and have gotten a much better understanding of the level of training and dedication firefighters must have to do their jobs. 
Although it is not expected, after completion of the fire academy, graduates are given the opportunity to assist the department in a variety of nonoperational activities or to join the volunteer Emergency Services Unit (ESU), which augments the department in fire and EMS operations.
To find out more about the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department 2014 Citizens Fire Academy or to sign up for the academy, go to http://www.lsfd.org/ and click "Volunteer." We look forward to seeing you!

Brentmoor Dr Structure Fire
 On 3/4/14 LSFD & mutual aid units were dispatched around 8:45 in the morning for a reported fire in the area. Upon D1 arrival to the scene heavy fire & smoke was coming from the second floor & roof. The occupants had left about a half hour or so prior. Defensive operations with two ground monitors and two ladders pipes were set up. Thankfully there were no injuries, although one rather large dog was rescued to the delight of the homeowners. The firefighters & all departments did a phenomenal job. Thanks again to all mutual aid departments, ESU members & additional LSFD personnel that assisted.
Captain Benjamin was the Incident Commander, Deer Park/ Silverton Chief Camp had Accountability, LSFD Chief Blum had the Alpha Side, Goshen Twp Chief Peagram had the Charlie Side & LSFD Chief Goldfeder was the Safety Officer.
Mutual Aid Departments: Deerfield Twp, Goshen, Mason, Miami Twp, Hamilton Twp & Blue Ash

Andrew Alten State Wrestling Champ
Andrew Alten of Loveland High School becomes state champion of the 285 weight class. Great Job Andrew keep up the hard work, and way to make your city proud!

Air Consumption Drills
B-Shift completed its annual Air Consumption Drill today. This drill is performed annually to see how quickly each individual will consume a 4500 PSI bottle while continuously performing work in full PPE. The course consists of crawling through a tunnel, hitting a sledge hammer on a tire 15 times, crawling with a charged 2/12 inch hose line, carrying a roll of roofing paper on your shoulder for 40 feet, crawling to & climbing over an A-Frame ladder & finally flipping a tractor tire four times. This usually becomes a pretty heated competition to see who can complete the course with the most revolutions. Your times start when you enter the tunnel & the time stops when your low air alarm sounds. Nice job everyone for your hard work & competetive spirit.

FireFighter Billy Grove and FireFighter Tim Lackey were personally thanked by a thankful lady they assisted on an Emergency Medical Run recently.  She came to station 61 to express her personal thanks to the two firemen. A rewarding experience, good job men and keep up the good work.

LSFD Goes Mutual Aid into Deerfield Twp for Condo Fire
Saturday, February 22, 2014 16:24
Today, Loveland-Symmes Fire Department's Tower 61 responded to a possible structure fire in Deerfield Township. Battalion 56 was first on scene and reported heavy smoke and visible flames coming from the second floor of an unfinished, two story multi-family structure, and immediately called for a second alarm. Ladder 57 arrived next, connected to a hydrant and placed their aerial ladder to the second floor window, pulled a hose line and began knocking down the fire. Engine 56 followed, securing another water source and pulling a hose line off of their truck. Engine 56 made entry into a neighboring, unfinished condo and began fighting the fire to contain it to just one unit. Tower 61 arrived, placed their ladder to the roof, and with the help of Quint 93, cut multiple ventilation holes in the roof to eliminate the build up of combustible gases in the attic space.  T61 and Q93 were then assigned  to knock down spot fires after the main body of fire was controlled . A quick attack by Deerfield's Ladder 57 and Engine 56 and a cooperative effort by crews from Mason, Sycamore, Loveland-Symmes, Hamilton Township, Sharonville, and Salem/Morrow Fire Departments prevented the fire from spreading into adjoining condos. Great job done by all.

Symmes Elementary Girl Scout Troop 43861 Visits Station 62
FF Myers and Symmes Elementary Girl Scout Troop 43861 on the front of Quint 62
   FF Myers and Symmes Elementary Girl
      Scout Troop 43861 on the front of Quint
Saturday, February 22, 2014 13:00
Today the firefighters at Station 62 had a few very special guests come and visit the firehouse and take a tour of the Safety Center.  The Girl Scout troop 43861 from Symmes Elementary paid a visit to the Safety Center and were taken around by the firefighters to see the North East Communications Center and the Fire/EMS apparatus inside Station 62.  The troop did a wonderful job of showing the firefighters what they knew about dialing 911, getting out of the house in an emergency situation, and what to do in times of emergencies, and the firefighters were very impressed with their knowledge.  District Chief Frye, FF Hawk, and FF Myers would like to say a special thanks to the Girl Scouts and their parents for stopping by, visitors are always welcome!

FF York to Compete in Scott Firefighter's Stair Climb on March 9th 2014
Saturday, February 22, 2014 
Loveland-Symmes firefighter Aaron York will be participating in the Scott Firefighter's Stair Climb in Seattle, Washington on March 9th, 2014.  All proceeds benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in their fight against blood cancers. If you are able to donate, please do so by going to the attached link. Donations can be made until March 31, 2014. FF York would like to thank everyone for their support.

Aaron York Scott Firefighter Stair Climb Donation Page
NEFC Ice Rescue Training
Today at Sharon Lake the NEFC fire departments including Mason, Sharonville, Blue Ash and Loveland - Symmes work on frozen Sharon Lake removing victims from the ice. simulating falling through the ice and the proper way to remove a person from the water.

Birthday Party At Station 62
Today LSFD had a couple special guests to celebrate their birthdays. Matthew & Libby celebrated their birthdays today at Station 62 with family & friends. Lt. Money gave our special guests a tour of the station & the kids had some hands on training with E62. Pizza was served along with cake & ice cream. The party was topped off with a ride in E62 with both of our distinguished guests. Happy Birthday Matthew & Libby & thanks for spending your special day with us at LSFD.

Valentines Day At The Lodge
Valentines Day is a big day here in Loveland Ohio, and the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department makes sure our residents know how much we love them. Our crews send Valentines Day cards out, attend events throughout their districts, and hand deliver carnations to many of our residents. Firefighter Scott Reed and Lt. Bill Adkins were part of a crew that visited the Lodge of Montgomery to deliver flowers.

King Vision Training
LSFD crews were training with the King Vision this past week. It is very difficult to intubate patients because everyone’s airway is so different. There is so much technique & positioning that is required to take control of a patient’s airway. The King Vision allows crews the vision to see exactly where our endotracheal tube is going when every second counts.

Early Morning Car Fire
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 02:20
D1, E60, E63 & Q62 responded in the early morning hours to a reported working car fire called in by the owner.  E60 was the first unit on the scene and reported a working car fire in the driveway of the residence with no exposures nearby.  E60 established command, and began to extinguish the flames in the offensive strategy with an 1 3/4" hand line.  D1 was next on scene and was transferred to the command position once E60 began to work on eliminating the hazard.  Q62 and E63 arrived next on scene and were requested into the scene to assist with equipment and scene lighting.  The flames were extinguished safely and the hazard was eliminated thanks to a quick and efficient attack on the fire, a job well done by all of the firefighters on scene.

LSFD Trains New Recruits
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 
Whether it be rain, sunshine, snow or sub-freezing temperatures, the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department trains to provide the best possible service to its residents. Today was day two, Engine Company Operations, of the week long recruit class, training new hires on the policies and standard operating procedures of LSFD. Day one included training over SCBAs (self contained breathing apparatus), radio communications and an air consumption drill.  These men will be working hard for the rest of the week in order to become ready for duty.

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